Process for Persons interested in applying for Low-Income (Public Housing)

  1. Download the application or come into the Administrative Office and pick one up.
  2. Completed applications must be personally brought to the Administrative Office by the Applicant.
  3. Applicants must be able to provide picture identification when placing applications in the process.
  4. The application will be time stamped, reviewed and placed into the system.
  5. If all is correct, the applicant’s name will be placed on the Waiting List.
  6. Applicants will be notified by mailed at the address on the Application when their names are seriously considered for placement.
  7. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the information on the application is current. All changes must be made in writing at the Administrative Office..


Process for Persons Interested in Applying for Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8

The waiting list for this program is closed now. It is not expected to be open before 2019, and the specific dates will be posted, advertised and placed on the website.

Comments (28)

  • Christy Carey

    Homeless right now my kids and I

    • Brandy Hayes

      Unfortunately, the Housing Authority is unable to provide emergency housing at this time. Please contact us regarding applying for our public housing waiting list.

      • Lexie Grammar

        I am in need of housing i did my application last year never heard nothing since.

  • Lexie Grammar

    Me and my 3 kids are soon to be homeless

    • Brandy Hayes, Housing Supervisor

      Unfortunately, the Housing Authority is unable to provide emergency housing at this time. Please contact us regarding applying for our public housing waiting list.

  • Annoymous

    When will the section 8 waiting list be opened? I have job. There are many people who don’t and choose not to work and are receiving section 8 which should not be fair. I am on the waiting list for public housing but i haven’t heard anything back. There are numerous vacancies in Boutte.

  • Single parent

    On the waiting list for Public Housing. There are supposed to be doing renovations or something like that which has not started yet. So in mean time there are dozens of open apartments just sitting there empty. This is ridiculous. These people need to help instead of sitting there collecting a check and not doing anything. Also that section 8 waiting list needs to open as well.

  • Unhappy Resident

    When are the repairs going to begin. Some people are waiting on this so they can obtain housing. If this is not going to anytime soon at least open the section 8 waiting list.

    • claudette lee

      Homeless sleeping in a car they let me sleep in they car at night.

  • Nicole

    Hi is the section 8 list open? Are the low income list open?

  • Felicia caston

    I’m now in a low income apartment that is too small and now I’m my mom POA and she’s 78 years old can’t do for herself and can’t stay alone I only have one bedroom which she’s sleeping on my couch. The building where I’m at is unsafe so I just trying to see if you all can help

  • Joia Ingram

    Homeless with 4 kid’s need emergency assistance asasp

  • Angry resident

    St. Charles Parish Housing Authority is horrible. There is public housing for a reason. Buildings are falling apart and i have never seen anyone working on them. Supposed to start renovations years ago. If this is not going to happen people on public housing waiting list should be offered a section 8 voucher or something. This is sad.

  • No.

    Why on earth do we even have a housing authority if yall refuse to help anyone with an emergency? You won’t open the wait list. People have been getting section 8 for YEARS. Not working, not doing ANYTHING and paying like 150 in rent, when people are actually REALLY working hard and struggling and yall literally just DO NOT CARE.

    • Roger That

      I don’t think it’s to much there doing when people try to turn sec 8 into permanent instead of getting in getting together and moving on.

  • Disgusted

    They need to shut it down. Vouchers not available public housing not available nobody being called no other options. So many people or displaced or in bad living situations they need to get out of. They people who are occupying the housing dont even look for work or work and living rent free. Its horrible. I pass through Boutte projects everyday and smmfh.

  • stephanie

    hello I been calling office no-one answer I want to know is they taking application for low rent program now

  • Patricia Stanley

    I would like to know the name of the person to contact for information on Section 8 Voucher program.

  • Angry resident

    This placed said they are accepting low rent applications but will not be reaching out for at least 2 years because they are about to ” remodel.” This place is some people last option or only option and they cant help. At least the section 8 list should be open or a low income home buyers assistance program but there is no help at all.

  • Margaret Trammel

    I am currently homeless with my 4 month old son and thankfully part time employed but not sure for how long. I need emergency housing so very badly soon!

  • M.A.D.

    Wow just WOW… All the misinformation from everyone’s “PERSONAL OPINIONS” … Housing Authority has NO CONTROL OVER individual CASES per PARISH… The STATE funding is CONTROLLED DURING OPEN VOTING PEOPLE!! They can only DO WHAT WE VOTE FOR!! No VOTE = No VOICE… Louisiana Statistically speaking has always been below average, even in the southern states!!!

  • Sierra diamond

    Hi my name is sierra an im currently homeless with my 3 year old son an 1 year old daughter im only 23 myself an i have no family no transportation or anything an i need help even if i have to go to a program to get help please contact me soon at my email address please i would leave a phone number from there not on here though please help me

  • Mary Ingram

    Good morning my name is Mary Ingram , an I’m pillow to pillow wit my 2 year old baby ! Sometimes people help us out but we can’t stay to long , we just need help wit somewhere to stay an b comfortable! I cry every night wishing something would break for us .

    • Outraged citizen

      Mary i am sorry to hear that and i hope you land on your feet. Its a shame you cant depend on family in you time of need. Thats what they are there for.
      It looks like nobody from the housing authority is monitoring this because there are plenty of people in need. I call about section 8 and was told the list was close but i bet if their family needed help the would be at the top of the list and they are not calling people for apartments right now either. It really pitiful. There are supposed to be there to help. If nothing is being done why are they going into the office everyday i wonder. As a matter of fact the head of the Maintenace depart and his wife are occupying an apartment that could be for you and your baby. Bot of them work with no kids. They shouldnt even qualify for for public housing to be honest but once again nobody cares.

  • Diane Vegas

    I’m homeless right now and need assistance asap

  • Rochelle Henry

    Im homeless when will the waiting list open to sign up

  • Kierra Reeves


  • Martha Anthony

    Me and kids homeless shelter and rights involved including income assistance ASAP

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