Sabrina Ratcliff-LewisNAME: Sabrina Ratcliff-Lewis

FROM: Boutte, La.


  • BS in Biochemistry from Xavier University of New Orleans.
  • MS in Chemistry and Education Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction from Louisiana State University.


  • 17 years in the chemical industry.
  • 8 years teaching chemistry at the collegiate level.
  • Now the owner of One Shot Education, a career readiness company that helps students and parents prepare for the transition to college and beyond.


Ratcliff-Lewis says her inspiration and passion is the result of her own personal experiences as a child. After spending 11 years living in the housing development in Boutte, she was placed into foster care until high school.

Upon completing high school, she returned to live with her mother in Boutte.

“The residents always made me feel welcomed, as if I had never left the place I once called home,” Ratcliff-Lewis said. “My journey was not always easy, but the love and support I received from the community brightened some of my most difficult days.”

Over the years, Ratcliff-Lewis has worked with students of various socio-economic backgrounds and levels of academic preparation to support their educational goals.

“I believe education was one of the key components that changed my life situation,” she said. “My hope is to also help students of the Boutte housing development.”


“I strongly believe that the sky is the limit for our youth; they just need our help in guiding them upward. It only takes One Shot.”

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